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If you want to have a unique memorable time with a group of people, small or large come take a Brewery Tour of Manhattan’s only brewery.  Yes, we know it’s small, but it’ll be one of the best brewery tours you can take.  Private tours are always available so book one today by calling (212) 336-6440.

We also offer Free Brewery Tours, the only difference is that these are on a first come first served basis as we can only accommodate so many people at a time.  Look below to see the next Free Brewery Tour Schedule!

Next Free Brewery Tours:

Brewery Ambassador Ian Phillips has moved on to pursue his next adventure in the brewing industry.  He thanks all of the wonderful people he met while working at the Chelsea Brewing Company.  May you all follow your passion, whatever it may be and to enjoy everyday we’re here. 


Ian Phillips

40 People Max per tour, sign in at the front host desk to reserve your spot the day of.  Please bring your ID’s so we can give you a FREE sample of beer on the tour and then hook you up with $4 pint tickets to use afterward.

Upload, Check Out and Save your Brewery Tour Picture.

If you take some cool pictures send you can send them to us at, we’ll post them on this Blog and build a mini online community of cool brewery pictures.  


The Only Active Brewery in Manhattan

The Only Active Brewery in Manhattan


Nice Pint Matt V.

Nice Pint Matt V.






Brewery "Bling" 8 GABF Medals Total.

Brewery "Bling" 8 GABF Medals Total.


Chris and I picking hops in the Catskills

Chris and Ian picking hops in the Catskills







3 responses to “Tour Info and Pics

  1. Is there any way to book on tours in advance? I’m only going to be in NY for two days in August (on my way home from a conference) but I’m a bit of a beer geek & would *love* to see your brewery!

    • Typically the answer is “no” just because if everyone did that I’d be stuck taking reservations all day….but we’ll do it for you just this once. Shhhhh it’s a secret! Just shoot me an email the week before you’ll be in the city, and I’ll reserve you a spot.


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